Maegan and Bryce || Sioux Falls, SD Old Courthouse Museum Winter Wedding Video

“All because two people fell in love”

A staircase first look, an intimate foot washing ceremony, and unique long wooden tables where the bride and groom got ready. This Sioux Falls wedding was a dream to shoot.

Maegan + Bryce | Sioux Falls, South Dakota Wedding Video

Photo:  Studiofotografie
Venue: Old Courthouse Museum, Sioux Falls, SD
Hair: Fringe Salon

Wedding Video in Sioux Falls, SD. Thank you for choosing Anthony Begley Productions in Sioux Falls, SD to be your wedding videographer!

Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

With the average cost of a wedding today literally breaking records…Many people wait until they have the other details nailed down before finding a wedding videographer.  Some know for sure they want a wedding video, and we’ve even been told they know exactly who they want before looking, but for those who are unsure or need some tips on finding the perfect fit, we’ve put together some questions to ask yourself on how to find the best wedding videographer for your South Dakota or Minnesota Wedding:

1. Do you like their work?
When you watch their video examples, do you get tears in your eyes or feel connected to the couples? If you want someone who can truly capture your emotion and personality through videography, make sure you watch multiple examples of their work to get a sense for their style, what type of feeling they give you, and how they make the other couples look.

2. Do you like their personality?
If you like someone’s work, its important to setup a one-on-one meeting with them. This videographer is going to be a big part of your wedding day. They will be with you from the very beginning to the very end. You need to feel comfortable being yourself and relaxed, not only for your wedding video to truly show who you are and capture your day, but also to let you enjoy your day and forget you’re even being filmed. A good videographer will mesh well with you, be seen when you need them, and be a fly on the wall the rest of the day.

3. Do you understand what they offer?
Make sure you read through their packages and understand what they deliver. If you have a question, now’s the time to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask the smallest question if you’re not clear on something. This is what they do every day, if something doesn’t make sense to you as the bride or groom who only does this once, tell them. Be the first person to ask a question and maybe you’ll help other brides down the road.

4. Do they fit into your budget?
In today’s age when anyone with $100 can buy a digital camera, wedding videography can range from $0 for a friend to $20,000 for a top tier pro. We are lucky to have choices today, but be careful you understand why someone costs what they do. Are they truly worth the cost based on their work you’ve seen and what they provide? Or are they just pricing their services to be competitive when they don’t really offer what others in the same price range do? It’s a good thing to look around and find someone that fits your budget. If you’re in the Twins Cities or Sioux Falls area, expect to spend between $1800 to $4500+ for a good videographer that stays with you throughout your day. That number jumps even higher depending on where you’re looking or what you’re adding on, so be sure to shop around and think about the above questions before making a decision on the price.

5. Will you regret not having it?
So you like their work, you love their personality and you clearly understand what they offer, but their price is just not fitting in. You budgeted $500, and they are 4 times that amount…. ask yourself if you’ll regret it. In thirty years when you want to remember your day, will you pull out a 3 hour long DVD courtesy of Uncle Bob and fast forward to the parts you think you wanted to see? Or would you rather pull up a cinematic film of your special moments meticulously put together to replay the emotion of the day?  The choice is up to you.

If you’re looking for a wedding video to capture your Sioux Falls wedding or Twin Cities ceremony, feel free to check out a few of my examples. If you like what you see – let me know! I’ll send you a pricing sheet, no strings attached. If you’re still interested, I usually like to buy you coffee, sit down, and help you review my packages so you can compare me with others on your list.

Good luck planning your big day!

Joy and Kaveesh || St. Paul Minnesota Fall Colors Wedding

“As the sun was pink and golden, you stepped out into your future…”

Sometimes wedding speeches give you a complete picture of who the couple really is. Nerdiness, cute baby humor, work-hard-play-hard, and a complete engagement story at the Guthrie Theater in St. Paul, this is one of those gems.

Joy + Kaveesh | St. Paul, Minnesota Wedding Video

Photo:  Tandem Tree
Venue:  St Paul Hotel

Wedding Video in St. Paul, MN. Thank you for choosing Anthony Begley Productions in Sioux Falls, SD to be your wedding videographer!

Abbie and Trevor || Sioux Falls, SD Winter Snow Wedding Video

“One thing is constant…”

Red plaid pajamas and ducks on the cold river made this Sioux Falls wedding spot on for their winter theme. The night ended with live music which is always a treat.

Jess + Ryan | Sioux Falls, South Dakota Wedding Video

Photo:  Dan Thorson
Venue:  Icon Event Hall + Lounge
Band:  Goodroad

Wedding Video in Sioux Falls, SD. Thank you for choosing Anthony Begley Productions in Sioux Falls, SD to be your wedding videographer!

Jess and Ryan || Sioux Falls, SD Winter Snowflakes Wedding Video

There’s something magical about snow falling during a first look.

This Sioux Falls wedding took us out to Wall Lake for pictures on the beach and ended with a sparkler row that surrounded the couple with friends and family. It was a beautiful day.

Jess + Ryan | Sioux Falls, South Dakota Wedding Video

Photo: The Photography Shoppe
Venue: Blue Haven Barn and Gardens
Hair/Makeup: Platinum Imagination Hair and Makeup

Wedding Video in Sioux Falls, SD. Thank you for choosing Anthony Begley Productions in Sioux Falls, SD to be your wedding videographer!