An EPIC Break from Reality

Just finished up the last EPIC wedding of 2016. Looking back on this day, it was a crazy little “break” from reality as my newborn twins had been born just a few days before. My beautiful wife let me leave her in the hospital to travel to the cities and shoot this wedding. I asked her if she wanted me to find a backup so I could be with our new family and her response amazed me… she said I needed to be there for a couple who was expecting ME on their big day, not someone else. Yes it was a big moment in our lives, but I was there for the most important part (the birth) and needed to be there for the most important part of this couple’s day. I’m a pretty lucky guy to be blessed with an understanding woman by my side supporting me as I make my passion my day job.

Spotlight: Staircase + Window First Look

A unique first look on the staircase of the Old Courthouse Museum of Sioux Falls, South Dakota from our first wedding of 2017. I highly recommend checking it out Studiofotografie by Allana Rogge who scoped out the amazing location.  I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of  having a professional photographer who can put both the bride and groom at ease as they help you move from one event to the next on your day.

Looking forward to sharing this moment in the final film.